How Running Can Change Your Life

“Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.” (Haruki Murakami)

Running is one of the most popular and easy to practice sports. All you need to start running is a pair of comfy shoes, a T-shirt a pair of shorts. You can run almost anywhere: in a park, around your block, on a running track, or on a treadmill. If you are training for long-distance running, you will also need a small backpack for your energy drink. Installing a mobile app to track your progress is also a good idea.

Numerous benefits of running offer more than enough reasons for anyone to try it out. Running will make you feel better and look better. It will increase your optimism, strengthen your immune system, sculpt your muscles and burn your fat.

Health Benefits

You will become much healthier if you start running. Life expectancy of regular runners is three years longer than average, according to a recent study. The authors argue that even 5-10 minutes of running a day significantly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because running is an aerobic exercise and it consistently raises your heartbeat, which leads to a heart that can pump more oxygen throughout your body. Running will also increase your lung capacity, make your bones and knees stronger, as well as speed up your metabolism.

You will learn to take care of your body and develop healthy habits through dedicated running. Running will motivate you to keep improving and this will require a balanced diet. As you keep pushing yourself further you will find that alcohol and smoking are a barrier to success.

Mental Benefits

Running will make you feel more positive. In fact, running feels so good that you will probably get addicted. Endorphins, known colloquially as hormones of happiness, are released during running, leading to a phenomenon of “the runner’s high”. Mental benefits of running include reducing stress, improving mood, building confidence, and alleviating symptoms of depression. Also, if you are a student, running can help you with focus.

Last but not least, running can help you meet new friends, and spend some quality time with your loved ones, improving your social relations.

All in all, running will have you leave your comfort zone to do things you never imagined you could, and you will feel great about it!  

Author: DissAthleticsClub