Different Types of Events in Athletics

Every sport has its own events and disciplines. Some sports have various rules and variations which are better or worse, depending on who you ask. Athletics is a popular sport, or rather, a group of sports composed of running, walking, throwing and jumping. There are plenty of sports within these categories, all of which are rather popular with the punters. Punters love athletics and they often browse the internet, searching for promotional codes, like this Betin Kenya promotion code, which allow them to do a bit more with their new accounts. But, athletics is a wide group of sports, so here is a look at the various sports which make up athletics.


This is by far the most popular of the sports which make up athletics. There are plenty of disciplines in running, like the 100, 200 and 400 meter sprint races. Then, there are the same race lengths, but with hurdles (more or less the same length). Middle and long distance runs are also a part of running. Relay races are also a part of running, where a team of athletes races, one bringing a relay to another.


Throwing is an interesting discipline, because you can choose which object you want to throw, thus preparing and shaping your body in different ways. There are 3 throwing disciplines which are relatively stationary (or rather, with a rotational technique of throwing), the hammer throw, shot put and discus throw. Then, there is the javelin throw, where the athlete is allowed to run and then throw the javelin.


Jumping is a very interesting sport, or rather, one which has 4 disciplines. The long jump is a simple jump where an athlete runs and then jumps into a sand pit, the body part closest to the jumping position marking the distance. The triple jump is very similar to the long jump, with the athlete taking three steps before jumping. The high jump involves an athlete running towards a pole, then jumping over it, usually over their backs, onto a mat. Then, there is the paul vault, where athletes vault over a bar, using a pole. 

Combined Events

The pentathlon and decathlon are the most famous of the combined events. The first one has five sports and the latter 10. The sports included are fencing, swimming 200 meters, freestyle, equestrian show jumping, shooting and running. The decathlon takes place over 2 days and has the following sports and disciplines, 100 meters, 400 meters, 110 (100 for women) meters with hurdles and 1500 meters for the running sports. The throwing sports include the shot put, javelin throw and the discus throw. The jumping disciplines are the long jump, high jump and pole vault. Depending on how an athlete performs in each of these events, they are given points. The athlete with the most overall points wins the competition.

Athletics is amazing, in the sense that it is composed and made out of various sports and disciplines within those sports. Whether you are a fan of running, jumping or throwing, you will definitely find a sport for you. Pentathlons and decathlons are for those who are a bit more diverse in their athleticism. But, that is what makes athletics great, the athletes who are either best in one sport, or extremely proficient in many sports.

Author: DissAthleticsClub