Best Sports Games You can Play Online – And Offline

Sports games are by far some of the most played games when it comes to franchises. There are so many games regarding sports which you can play both offline and online. Online sports games are becoming more popular as people love competing and playing against other people, given the limits of AI. If you’re waiting on that friend to come online, however, you can play some games at Tropicana casino while waiting. That promotional code should come in handy.

Once they come online, however, you can play some games. Which ones, that is the better question? Here is a list of sports games you can play online, the best ones.

FIFA and PES 2018

These two usually go hand in hand, if not for their fans’ love for one another, then for their hate. They are, by far, the best football games you can play on the PC and consoles.

FIFA 2018 offers a great story mode, something that PES doesn’t have, at least in this edition. FIFA also has a very active online community that can draw you in pretty quickly. The story campaign is also great as it gives you a protagonist and something to fight for.

PES has its signature Master League and is a favorite choice for many people for local games. It can also play online but it’s much more of a local choice. The two games play differently yet that is just a minor thing.

Rocket League

Rocket League is more of a fantasy sport game, yet it is still highly addictive and great to play. Typically an online game, you get into your rocket powered cars and play football. The physics are special and restricted to this game only and it features very fast-paced action with games lasting no longer than 15 minutes, on average.

The game is available on the PC, but not just Windows, also macOS and Linux systems. You can also play it on the consoles, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is a compelling game as many systems can run it without issues.

Madden NFL Football

This is the mobile version of the game, available both on the iOS devices and the Android ones. This is one of the most popular game franchises in the world and it’s on the mobile devices. The game is really good, especially once you get to the premium features.

The game is updated very frequently and unlike gamers on the big devices, mobile users only need to buy it once and all the updates henceforth are free.

FIFA Mobile

This title also comes on both the iOS and Android devices and is similar to its big brother for the consoles and PCs. The best thing about FIFA mobile, besides the multiplayer features and all that jazz is that it comes with all the seasonal updates that come with Madden above. Once you buy the premium features, you have bought them forever. The game also plays really well and is a fun way of spending some time.

These are but a few of the many, many sports titles you can play online. These are some of the best, yet there are plenty more that fall under that category, so look them up if you need more games than these here.

Author: DissAthleticsClub