Five Best Sports News Apps for Your Mobile Phone

In the age of modern technology, the things we love the most and enjoy the most have become easily reachable. When it comes to sports, the thing the majority of people enjoy the most, nowadays, there is no need to go to the field to watch and enjoy the game. You can just turn on the computer enjoy your favorite match. Nowadays, with smartphones, anything related to sports can be done via phone. Watching the game online on your phone and mobile betting have become extremely popular! The benefits of using mobile phones in sports are huge. Mobile phones save time and new information is easily reachable.

Nowadays, there are many smartphone apps related to sports news, sports betting, etc. So, how to choose which apps are the best to follow sports and sports news on your phone? In the following paragraphs, we will give you the list of the five best sports news.


TheScore is a mobile phone app, available for iOS and Android for free. It has an event calendar where you can look up the following games and matches, statistics for the following matches, the scores and other sports-related news. The reports of the games offer detailed information about the games and players. In other words, you can check out the teams and individual players. NBA, hockey, golf and many other sports are available on TheScore. The app is easy to use, so try it on.

Sofa Score

Sofa Score is another great mobile phone app. Many sports are covered in the app, from football, hockey, rugby to individual sports such as cycling and tennis. It offers detailed information on scores and results, the summary of the game, information about the players. What makes it even better is the operative system it uses, Android Wear.

Bleacher Report Live

Bleacher Report Live is an Android and iOS app for mobile phones. It is a free app, and it is an updated version of Bleacher Report. The app offers live streaming of games. You can watch a variety of sports and leagues live, from NCAA to UEFA. You can put a flag on your favorite sport or league in order to get notifications and the latest news. For now, the app is free. However, due to the growing popularity and the opportunities that offer, in the future, this may change. For now, enjoy it and use it for free.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a very popular app. It covers the most popular sports and sports news on the Internet. For example, all the main North American sports are covered by the app. And what makes the app even better is that it includes live streaming of the game for certain sports. It is a free app, and easy to use. If you are into rumors about the players, schedules, breaking news, this app is the right choice. So, try it on!


The biggest sports news apps are ESPN and ESPN+. This is an app which covers all of the biggest sports, from NBA to WNBA. It is not completely free. For example, the news, statistics, scores, and summaries are free, however, streaming service with live games and commentary need to be paid. A fee of $4.99 per month is paid if you want to have live streaming services.

There are many more apps related to sports. However, these five were the top of our list. Try them on and see if they suit you. If not, try some other free apps. Do not restrain from using the apps when it comes to sports news, because the benefits are huge and we should enjoy them.

Author: DissAthleticsClub